TATA Motor – 2025 Digital Cockpit HMI Design Concept

2020, Automotive, Digital Cockpit HMI Design

Project Objectives

  • Design for 2025 TATA E-Cockpit Experience for India market
  • Concept Design for TATA’s new Generation Vehicle “Gen3” in regards to E-Cockpit HMI, incl. IC, IVI displays.
  • Upgrade the design based on customer feedbacks from Gen 1 & 2.

Design Challenges

  • Generic Design Strategy
  • Improve the previous Constraints from Customer’s Gen 1 and 2 carlines
    • Screen Obscuration on IC and IVI
    • Poor screen content visibility (Sun Washout / Screen Reflections)
    • Irregular shapes in design makes future change difficult
  • Design Ergonomics Philosophy

My Responsibility

  • Generic UX Strategy
3 layouts of IC
Middle menu display
Toast display strategy
Popup/Notification Strategy
  • Statemachine – IC and SWC
  • Readability and Physical Ergonomics (ISO based)

Design Outcomes

UI screens remain confidential.