BJEV ArcFox Digital Cockpit Design Rollout

2018-2019, Automotive, Digital Cockpit HMI Design

Project Objectives

  • Digital Cockpit HMI design for BJEV’s new car generation ArcFox
  • Personalised Infotainment System with Multiple-screen interactions
  • Special focus on its Wide IVI screen


Design Challenges

  • Multi-screen interactions – IC, IVI, VTP
  • Design values for Extra-Wide IVI display

Project Challenges

  • Short SOP Project Timeframe
  • Multiple customer stakeholders
  • Agile Work style in Automotive
  • International Team & Remote co-operation

The timeframe of this Design Rollout project was in 10 months. Project work speed met the challenges with adjustments for customer’s multiple tastes from different decision-makers.

The Design Team was built-up internationally with Germany and China locations. As UX designer, I also needed to interact with the outsourcing Software team, Tier-1 supplier, outsourcing UI team, and the OEM.

My Responsibility

  • UX Architecture
    • General Structure in IVI
      • Application Arrangement
      • Air Gesture, etc.
    • Interaction between IVI, VTP and IC (via Touch, Air Gesture)
    • Driver Mode, Passenger Queen Watch
  • Design Rollout (Wireframe, Interaction-flow, Specification)
    • IVI functions
      • General Structure, Entertainment Applications, 3rd-party Applications
    • VTP functions
      • HVAC, System Settings
    • External Input
      • Air Gesture
  • Communicating with Client/Function Owner/Outsourcing Software and UI Teams
  • Design Prolongation

Design Outcomes

The photos are here as references. The UI screens are designed by UI colleagues.