OSP-Data Visualisation for Primary Domain 4.0

2017, Infographics, UX

OSP was a data visualisation project about showcasing our company’s sales data. I sketched interfaces based on the provided information from Data Analyst and then delivered it to the UI designer.

The interactive infographics allowed viewers to create charts by selecting different variables. For example, a diagram could show the relationship between Unique Visitor(UV) and Sales Data under Clothing category, or between UV and Valid Orders Amounts under other categories within a certain period of time. Diagrams were created based on what variables the viewers chose.




Although some infographics reached the basic data viewing demand, it was limited to purely showcasing values and did not help to read more smoothly and effectively from the design point of view.

The following showed Before & After diagrams. The second diagram made easier to find the connections between the two variables and highlighted its developing trend. I hid the specific values and they’d only show after a mouse over.